What is Sustainability?

Everything that we need for our survival and well-being depends, either directly or indirectly, on our natural environment.

What is Sustainability - Upstart Good - Newport, RI - Sustainability Consulting & Sustainable Home Organization

Sustainability, for us, is both what is sustainable for us as individuals and for the planet. One cannot exist without the other – we believe in thinking globally and acting locally. Our culture is upheld by resources that are farmed and harvested from across the world, and that means a human and a patch of earth somewhere grew and/or harvested these things – they’re not magical items that appeared in your local grocery store. It’s amazing how connected we are by the global supply chain and we believe in honoring that connection by treating those people and resources with respect. We also believe that gratitude is the way forward; we are grateful for the work and resources our global community are providing for us. A way to show that gratitude is making sure they get paid and their homes are safe from climate-related disasters. Our consumption should not harm them or their way of life.

“Sustainability means meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs… Sustainability is not just environmentalism – embedded in most definitions of sustainability we also find concerns for social equity and economic development.”

McGill University

Our systems allow you to make caring for the planet a part of the whole cloth of your life, not an overwhelming task that you, the individual must take on alone. We as humans are both abundant and limited. As individuals, we only have so much energy and hours in the day, and we believe it’s important to honor that and be realistic about our capabilities. At the same time, as a species we have an endless amount of care for each other – it’s why we have survived thus far.

We believe life isn’t a series of tasks. Existing and doing what you need to do to support your existence is a worthy endeavor unto itself and contributes to the health of your community. Your energy is ALSO a limited resource, and must be treated with respect – your suffering serves no one, and if you are supported, you can, in turn, be supportive.

This is why we believe having a functional home that feels safe, joyful, and inspiring is so important – your home is where you recharge. If your home is simply more work and stress, you have no way to refill your battery, and you re-enter the world diminished.

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person organizing - Upstart Good - Newport, RI - Sustainability Consulting & Sustainable Home Organization
person organizing - Upstart Good - Newport, RI - Sustainability Consulting & Sustainable Home Organization

Who is Upstart Good?

We’re compassionate, science- and facts-based individuals who believe that many small steps lead to big changes. We believe your daily routine can be sustainable for the planet, as well as simple and repeatable for you.

We're curious and open-minded; as developments around sustainability evolve, so do we. Our support-centric approach provides insights that help you make informed, confident sustainability decisions.

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